DX Shipping

Due to the increased International First Class Mail charges for envelopes greater than 3/4" thick ($8.88++ >3/4" instead of typically $4.00++ for envelopes <3/4" thick), ALL DX orders of my Tuna Tin or mint tin kits will be sent WITHOUT the can/tin. Just the parts and circuit board will be sent in order to economize on the mailing charges. Just about anywhere in the world, you can purchase a single serving size can of DOLE or similarly branded pineapples. Look for the can that is about 1 1/4" tall and has a pull top on the lid. That item sells for about 75 cents here in the US and I assume that it sells for an equally reasonable amount of currency wherever you may be. Buy a can, open the pull tab, eat the pineapple if you like pineapple and then wash the can out. Be extra careful as the edge of the opening is very sharp. I use a fork to hold a sponge to clean out the inside of the can. Rinse and dry the can. A typical Tuna Tin 2 board will rest perfectly on the top of the pineapple can. Use a 1.5" x 6-32 bolt/nut down through the board and then a hole in the center of the bottom of the can. Tighten the bolt just enough to clamp the board to the can..You have the perfect TT2 enclosure without having to pay $5 USD to have one mailed to you. If you want a can/tin included, purchase a DX CAN/TIN kit which is the empty can with the appropriate postage differential for the thicker envelopes. Sorry for the crazy method for collecting the additional postage but I can't make the changes inside my current website.... W1REX