Tuna Power System Kit

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The Tuna Power System kit is the ideal bench top companion to the Two Tinned Tunas and Sudden Storm kits. This kit has an on-board Unitrode intelligent gel cell battery charger chip and power distribution connector system for powering multiple tuna can rigs or any other 12 volt powered QRP kits. RCA connectors are supplied for connecting +12v to QRPme kits..A optional pack of 5 2-pin screw terminals is available in the Parts section if you want to have more generic 12 volt output terminations. The new TPS][ board supports both types of connectors. There are a couple of additional connectors for powering other unique items on your QRP bench: a USB connector with a regulated 5 volts allows for powering USB accessory items like mini fans, LED lamps etc. and a Molex .2" x 4 connector allows for both +5 and +12 volt items to be powered using surplus cables from PC power supplies. Two terminal screw terminals are provided for connections to the builder (that is you) supplied +15 to 20 volt DC wall wart and gel cell battery. Maximum battery charge current is programmable using current sense resistors. Four resistors are supplied for charge currents of approximately 400ma, 600ma, 800ma and 1000ma. A dip switch provides quick changes in charge current for different battery configurations.

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