Manhattan Construction Starter Set

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Picture of Manhattan Construction Starter Set

QRPme*s Home Brew Starter pack starts out with the brand new dual sided MeSquares dual sided panel.. It has 156 1/4" pads to glue down to a piece of bare copper to make your own circuit construction. The other side of the MeS2x board has 4 smaller pads etched into each 1/4" pad for making either denser circuits or handling smaller components...

A strip of 5 DIP paddyboards and another strip containing 5 SOIC paddyboards.

A random MeTube paddyboard
A 3.25" Tuna Project Board that mounts on a *standard* tuna style can and which has a pre-etched field of 1/4" pads.
3 small pieces of bare copper circuit board are included to start you off on experimenting with scratch building Manhattan style construction.

Links to a couple of pictures of projects using MePads & MeSquares:

For those of you who are not bandwidth (or time) challenged, I have included links below to the complete example blogs of what AA7EE & G3XBM built using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EEs 9 volt transmitter,
G3XBMs 472khz transverter,
AA7EE (again),
AA7EEs latest,
G3XBM (again)