Texas Topper ][+ 5 band SPECIAL!

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The Texas Topper ][+ is an RF amplifier to boost your QRPp 1/2 watt signal to the *legal limit* for QRP... a full 5 Watts! A .5 watt input signal will give you 5 watts output power on the 80m and 40m bands while output is a little less than 5 watts on 30m & 20M with .5 WATT input. On the higher bands, you can get closer to 5 watts output power using additional input drive. Previous incarnations of the Topper amplifier had all harmonic filter components soldered in place on the pcb making the Topper usable on the single band it was constructed for. The NEW Texas Topper ][ has all the harmonic filter components installed on a small band module making band changes possible in seconds!

The Texas Topper ][ pcb is the exact same size as the Rockmite and Rockmite][ boards so it can also be installed into a mint tin. The band modules stick up off the board so they will not fit inside a mint tin in the installed position.

For a limited time, special TT5 kits will be available that include 4 complete band modules for: 80m, 40m, 30m and 20m. Also included is an extra band module pcb and connector for the builder to experiment with his/her band of choice. The builder must supply the filter components for the extra module...

Put some muscle into your rock bound collection of QRPp transmitters using the new more agile Topper][+ with band modules....