Picnic Table Outlets Kit

Price: $15.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Picnic Table Outlets Kit

The Lobstercon Picnic Table Outlets kit was introduced as an attendance gift at Lobstercon 2008. It includes a small printed circuit board suitable for mounting in an Altoids tin, alligator clip leads, 5 volt regulator and several different types of connectors for powering projects laying around you bench or picnic table. Use the RCA connector for powering you Two Tinned Tunas or other QRPme kit. Use the USB connector for all those funky laptop accessory lamps, fans etc. The 4 pin Molex connector allows you to send both 5 and 12 volts to your custom benchtop creation. Purchase the upgrade kit to turn the PTO into a 12 volt gell cell battery charger like its big brother..the Tuna Power System or scrounge the parts yourself.

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