Boxboro Buildathon Registration

Price: $12.00 - By Special Request. Please email

W1REX (the me in QRPme) has been asked by the NEQRP Club, once again, to host a Buildathon session at this year's Boxboro convention. A link to the NEQRP schedule at the New England Convention at Boxboro is included below. The kit that we will be building during the Buildathon is the very same kit used in W1REX's World's BIGGEST Buildathon event at this past FDIM gathering at Dayton. Please provide full name and call sign when registering for the Buildathon.

The WBB kit is an updated version of the Hamfest Buddy rig by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ. Dave introduced the simple little rig in his CQ QRP column back in August of 2005. It is a simple little one transistor transmitter with a switchable two frequency operation mode. The oscillator runs continuously but at two different output levels. On key up, the oscillator runs at very low power to use as a radiated local oscillator in an inexpensive SWL receiver close by. On key down, the output increases to a much higher level that can be picked up in receivers further away. A link to the original CQ article is listed below. The WBB kit for the Boxboro Buildathon attendees will have SIP sockets pre-installed so that no soldering irons will be required. Boxboro builders will also have plug & play parts, all pre-cut and bent for the proper socket no tools will be required either! If the builder is all thumbs, they should bring a small pair of needle nose pliers... OR if they are resistor stripe or tiny cap lettering impaired, then they should bring their own pocket magnifier...

Registered Builders:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 10

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 20

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 30


  • NEQRPatBoxboro2016
  • WBB
  • WBB Schematic
  • WBB Silk
  • WBB Parts PREP
  • WBB Parts Galore
  • WBB Sort and Assemble
  • WBB - BW BUILD Sheet
  • WBB - COLOR Sorting Sheet
  • WBB - BW Sorting Sheet

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