Z-Rock Tuner

Price: $80.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Z-Rock Tuner

The Z-Rock Tuner kit is a Z-Match antenna tuner specifically designed by Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, for use with his Rockmites. It comes complete with all parts, printed circuit board and enclosure. The enclosure has all holes pre-drilled, powder coated and laser/patina engraved. A nice match the new Rockmite][ two-tone green enclosure.

Z-Rock ATU operation:
Z-Rock ATU is designed to tune or match your transmitter to properly designed antenna systems for the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands.
Connections for various types of antennas include:
Coax Feed
Balanced Line Feed
Long Wire with Counterpoise/Radial
Matched Impedance Range: 25 to 2500 Ohms
Tuner Loss: Less than 1 dB at resistive match

Note: Tune mode, maximum power Input � 5 Watts
Tune mode power is limited by the power rating of the bridge 51 Ohm resistors.
Operate mode, maximum tuned power input �10 Watts

  • Z-Rock ATU Operation
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