UK Bugs Kit

Price: $25.00 - By Special Request. Please email

My talk at the GQRP Rishworth Convention was on the Picaxe microprocessor and how easy and fun it is to use it in projects for your QRP bench. I have been selling the Maine BUGS kit for quite a while now, and everyone thinks it is a project that imitates a cricket and lightning bug.....and have skipped over it. Actually the Maine BUGS kit is a neat little kit that is a very inexpensive development system for the Picaxe 08-M micro. The BUGS program is only an example of how much stuff you can shove into the dimuative micro. I have created a new package of parts (UKB) that adds many more parts that can be modded onto the BUGS board to create all kinds of interesting projects including: QRSS keyer, random character practice Morse code generator, beacon keyer, timers, temperature controller and many others. The development of the projects will take place in an on-line discussion group that will foster hands-on learning of what the Picaxe microprocessor can do and how to program it.