Reggie II Kit

Price: $40.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Reggie II Kit

A CRITICAL part for the Reggie][ kit is no longer available. Sales are terminated unil I can find a replacement.

Here is QRPme's version of the Reggie, the minimalist tranceiver by Michael Rainey AA1TJ. This kit is NOT for beginners! It requires some planning and mechanical skills to finish and install in a case. Power output is typically less than 100 milliwatts so it is not an ideal kit to use as your main station. It is intended as a great little kit if you want to dabble in the minimalist radio craze. Build it Limerick construction style where the pads & traces are etched on a set of single sided boards with silk screen & solder mask. Four small easy to build modules are then glued to a bare copper board and then interconnected to complete the project. Limerick construction boards are great for making changes and experimenting as you can change parts without trying to suck solder from holes....

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