Rockmite ][ Enclosure - LMB Gray/Blue

Price: $25.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Rockmite ][ Enclosure  - LMB Gray/Blue

This enclosure is an LMB Crown Royal CR-425 enclosure which is small and perfectly sized to provide ample room for the Rockmite ][ board and I/O connectors. All required holes for mounting the off-board parts are already machined along with the hardware for mounting the printed circuit board AND 4 clear rubber feet. All you have to do is start mounting the parts.

THIS item is for the STOCK LMB enclosure that is powder coated with a GRAY bottom & panels and a LIGHT BLUE top cover. Knobs are a matching GRAy with a BLUE indicator.

  • RM Assy inCR425-4
  • RM][ 425 Assy Notes

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