BOLO Tie / Emergency Key kit

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I designed this kit as a gift for my good friend Pete Spotts, NM1PS (SK) who was a long time Lobstercon fan and attendee while he lived in New England. After he retired and moved back to New Mexico, hence the NM prefix, he was head wrangler for the Duke City Hamfest. He wrangled me into moseying on down to the Albuquerque Hamfest a couple of times to host Buildathons and give QRP talks. Loved the trips and miss Pete! I wanted to dress the part of a NewMexican and not look like a Yankee out of water (even though I am a born Southerner) so I bought an entire outfit down there to enable me to fit right in. BUT I could not find a Bolo tie anywhere. He lent me his prized Bolo tie which belonged to his father. I returned the favor my second trip down by presenting him with his own personalized Bolo Tie kit! He loved it! My wife lived and worked in NM and AZ a long time ago and whenever she gets the urge to travel, she likes to take trips back there to just wander around and soak up the Southwest. We both traveled there last year and spent a week down Demming & Silver City way.. This past March we were only 4 hours away from buying a shack in Tombstone AZ to hang out in during the winter but she got cold feet and we did not finalize the deal. I designed this Bolo Tie kit to help fund out little winter getaway but never posted it to my website. While the Tombstone hangout was a bust, we are still actively looking for a piece of land in the Silver City NM area to park an RV on for future winters... At 72, these Maine winters are just getting to be a royal pain!

So here is the Bolo Tie kit for your consideration. All proceeds from BOLO Tie kits will go to the SCLAF (Silver City Land Acquisition Fund).

The BOLO Tie kit contains:

BOLA Tie pcbs for the key base & lever

All parts to populate the key

CUSTOM engraved wooden base with your name & call sign

Braided cloth covered AUX-AUX 4 foot cable

Bolo tie clasp

A couple of SUPER magnets making the key easily detachable from the bolo tie clasp.