QRPme Kit of the Month Club - 1 Year Subscription

Price: $180.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of QRPme Kit of the Month Club - 1 Year Subscription

QRPme is undertaking a new & interesting project: Produce 12 unique kits with a new kit shipping each month. These kits will be interesting and useful to all builders. There will be no extra shipping & handling charges or DX disparity. One price gets a kit delivered to your door. I did break it down into 3 options; however, to allow for a modest investment for either budget or evaluation purposes.


1 year subscription = $180 ($15/kit)

6 month subscription = $108 ($18/kit)

3 month subscription = $60 ($20/kit)

As you can see, the price of each kit is modest. (especially when you consider that all mailing costs are included) You won\'t be receiving a top of the line kit each month for that price but each kit will be useful and will have an educational content that will be worth your time and expense.

The current lineup for the 1st 6 KotMC kits are:
APRIL: Pocket Electronics Lab: a shirtpocket friendly solderless breadboard system
MAY: 4 Port Directional Coupler which is the 'engine' of a power/VSWR meter
JUNE: Audio Amplifier
JULY: 'Fireball' Style Transmitter
AUGUST: IC Prototype Board Project
SEPTEMBER: 'Universal' Low Pass Filter module

And I will make a further promise: If at any time, you decide that you want to cancel your subscription, I will refund the price of any remaining undelivered kits in your subscription.

Subscriptions were delayed a little with the first kit shipped in the middle of APRIL...

  • PEL-Builders Guide
  • FPDC
  • KotMC RF Probe
  • Audio Amp KotMC
  • KotMC Diode Power Probe
  • KotMC SWR Calibrator
  • KotMC Dummy Load