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HAPPY April Fools Day? ( a day near & dear to my heart!)
My seminar talk at FDIM is really NOT a talk...
I will be holding the WORLD'S BIGGEST BUILDATHON instead of a talk!
Everyone in the room will be getting a FREE WBB kit with their registration and we will be building the kit right there during my talk. Six years ago, my friend & fan, Dave Ingram K4TWJ, was posthumously honored with the ARCI Hall of Fame award. I was a BIG fan of his and read his column regularly. He really trumpeted the idea of QRP having its roots firmly planted in simple circuits. I agree with his premise and the idea of having 250+ builders ALL building a kit in the same room at the same time WITHOUT a single soldering iron in sight demanded a simple yet slightly elegant design. I wanted to honor Dave with this buildathon by working with one of his designs... I chose the Hamfest Buddy. It is a simple little one transistor transmitter with a switch selectable dual frequency operational mode. Being very simple, it was an ideal candidate for the WBB concept. It did have to work some magic on it so that it would meet 2016 FCC regs and could be built in the alloted time WITHOUT any soldering. So I spent a bit of time figuring out how to pull the WBB off and what I had to do to the Hamfest Buddy to make it happen. I am also offering the WBB kit to those who can't make it to FDIM so they can join in on the FUN at their QTHs. The next part of my plan is figuring out HOW to sync the FDIM WBB with the QTH builders. More details will be forthcoming when I have them....so stay tuned.

I have a new kit called the Sea Sprite .
It is a merging of the EZ Build Two Tinned Tunas concept with the Lil' Squall design. I took the Lil' Squall design, simplified it for single band operation and then laid it out in the 'normal' sized tuna can thereby having the added room for BIG pads, HEAVY traces and WIDE spacing making it as near 'builder proof' as the EZB Two Tinned Tunas kit has been! I also removed the band module hardware, making it single band operation, and changed the filter from a low pass to band pass filter. This should help with interference generated by SW broadcasters hanging around the 40m and 20m amateur radio bands. Also, it will be sold without the can for further savings to QRP builders.
Snack on some Dole pineapple while building (approx. 75 cents) and you will have the perfect can for the transceiver kit when you have completed construction.

April 1, 2016

Still no progress on the transfer of kitting & shipping kits front! Every time I set up a meeting, something serious happens...and the meeting never happens...

2016 order status:
Backorder log is very slim, mostly a handful of orders with my more obscure kits which contain somthing I don't have on hand and am waiting for from someone else.

Rockmite][, Rock Topper & Z-Rock ATUs:
A few orders came in this past week and wiped out my supply of YELLOW enclosures....waiting for more!

Tuna Can Kits:
Almost all kits are back on the shelf. The NEW Tuna Helper kit has been well received by builders. SUPER Tuna][+ pcbs are history and another batch of pcbs are on order...(with pcb updates).

The Sea Sprite will be available to ship as soon as the circuit boards arrive.

MePad, MeSquares & MeTubes panels are ALL in stock. Toroid EZ tools and SBSS solder bots were depleted over December and are on order now. Hopefully the wait time will be decreased. My machine shop buddy has said that he would keep some inventory on HIS shelf so waiting for open time to make a small order should not be a problem this year.

I hope to have a little more 'spare' time in 2016 (still wishful thinking, BUT I'm working on it!) so I can work on more personal projects. I aim to communicate better on the website and on the QRPme_Kits list.