QRPme Update

The QRPme shopping cart is administered BY PAYPAL, who sends an acknowledgement email to both YOU and QRPme. If you have specific delivery questions or requirements, please include them in the special instructions section of the shopping cart or email W1REX directly at w1rex 'at' megalink 'dot' net
March, 2018 QRPme INFO:
Some unknown glitch in my website server is causing some files to freeze while opening. It seems that any file with ][ brackets in the file name freeze when opening. I have changed every ][ bracket combo into double capital Is (II) in all the file names on my website. I haven't had time to change every link yet so: If you click a link to a file containing a double bracket (][) it will attempt to open but freeze.
1.) Mouse up to the search results box.
2.) Copy over the URL/filename in the box.
3.) Change the ][ brackets to capital II (double capital i)
4.) Press ENTER
5.) The desired file should then open.

Updated PocketPAL tester with complete Builder's Guide
PocketPAL Handy Dandy Hamfest Tester

FDIM2017 X-CHECKer Crystal Oscillator & Frequency Counter
X-CHECKer FT-243 Crystal Grinding Station

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I'm in Florida right now just finishing up working a national convention so shipping kits won't get back underway until I return to Maine at the beginning of the week. Rex W1REX