Rockmite II SKINNY kit

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The NEW Rockmite II SKINNY kit is for those QRPers who either have a nice junque bin full of parts or a buddy who does AND is willing to share. I have included the 'hard to find' or specialty parts to build the QRPme version Rockmite II on any of the documented bands.

The SKINNY kit contains:

The Rockmite II printed circuit board

PicoKeyer RM custom keyer chip

SA612 through home mixer chip

LM1458 Op Amp chip

MVAM109 polyvaricon diode

Assortment of zener diodes to configure any of the documented bands

Builder needs to scrounge the common parts: resistors, capacitors, diodes, chokes, transistors, connectors and controls. Ample documentation is included in the various QRPme Rockmite pages to see what parts are necessary to built the kit and, of course, how to build it.

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