Miscellaneous Parts

Looking for something in particular? Here's where we'll list all the parts that are extra, special or extra special.
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......DX Postage Adjustment.....
DX Postage Adjustment (more info)$12.00
Genuine James Millen FT-243 crystal sockets (more info)$8.00
7.015Mhz FT243 quart crystal blank (more info)$12.00
X-CHECKer BASE track (more info)$7.00
2 x 265pf polyvaricon capacitor (more info)$2.50
2 x 265pf polyvaricon cap KIT (more info)$6.00
2 pin Terminal Block (more info)$4.00
3.579MHz (HC49)$0.25
3.579MHz (SMD)$0.25
3.560 MHz (HC49)$2.50
7.028 MHz (HC49)$2.50
7.030 MHz (HC49)$2.50
7.040 MHz (HC49)$2.50
7.0475 MHz (HC49) (more info)$2.50
10.000 MHz (HC49)$1.00
10.116 MHz (HC49)$2.50
14.060 MHz (HC49)$2.50
7.015Mhz Crystal (HC49)$2.50
10.106Mhz Crystal (HC49)$2.50
7.122Mhz Crystal (HC49)$2.50
3.560 Mhz (HC49-US)$2.50
7.030 Mhz (HC49-US)$2.50
10.116 Mhz Crystal (HC49-US)$2.50
14.060 Mhz Crystal (HC49-US)$2.50
7.114 Mhz Crystal (HC49)$2.50
28.060 Crystal (more info)$2.50
Crystal Sockets (more info)$1.00
30m 10.118Mhz crystal in an UNSEALED CAN (more info)$10.00
Picaxe 08M2 microprocessor (more info)$5.00
Axicon Relay pack (more info)$12.00
Diamond Core Drill (more info)$10.00