20m Sender Kit

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Picture of 20m Sender Kit

W1REX will be hosting a *Learn to Solder* workshop for the QSO Today Virtual Ham Convention this coming March. This 20m QRPpp transmitter kit is a fairly simple build that we will be using during the workshop. It has enough components to perform a useful function but not too many so it becomes a difficult project for a beginner. Traces and pads are large so fairly *bullet proof* in order to endure the untrained skills of beginner solderers. WE will be building this kit during a live stream session during the Virtual Hamfest...

The 20m Sender is a self contained 20m Transmitter with built in key and 9volt battery. It is a companion kit to the 20m pocket friendly receiver we will be building in the main Buildathon W1REX is hosting in the virtual hamfest.

  • 20m Sender Schematic + BOM