MePads, MeSquares, MeTubes & STIX Sample Pack

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Picture of MePads, MeSquares, MeTubes & STIX Sample Pack

If you are contemplating trying your hand at Manhattan construction and are interested in QRPmes line of construction aids, then this deal is for you! This SD#5 Sampler pack contains:

FOUR DIP MePads - THREE 8-pin and ONE 16-pin

40 MeSquares .25"x.25"

ONE STIX Panel containing:

64 MeSquares .15"x.15"

2 SOIC pads - ONE 8 pin & ONE 16/18 pin

ONE MeTube paddyboard - random selection of 7-pin mini, 9-pin mini, acorn or octal tube socket

TWO pieces FR-4 copper clad pcb stock for building

You have to supply the superglue as it cannot be shipped by US Mail.

Links to a couple of pictures of projects using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EEs 9 volt transmitter

G3XBMs 472khz transverter

For those of you who are not bandwidth (or time) challenged, I have included links below to the complete example blogs of what AA7EE & G3XBM built using MePads & MeSquares:


AA7EE (again)

AA7EEs latest


G3XBM (again)