Special #1 A Scratch-Builders Special

Price: $21.00
US orders:
DX orders:

I recently received a nice large batch of MePads & MeSquares panels so I'm offering this special:

1 MePads panel
1 MeSquares panel
1 pc copper clad pcb stock for building
1 pc copper clad pcb stock cut to fit inside and Altoids tin

This special will be shipped for FREE to US AND DX locations.

Links to a couple of pictures of projects using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EE's 9 volt transmitter
G3XBM's 472khz transverter

For those of you who are not bandwidth (or time) challenged, I've included links below to the complete example blogs of what AA7EE & G3XBM built using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EE (again)
AA7EE's latest
G3XBM (again)