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If you LOVE Tuna and need a project to keep you busy over the winter....here is a deal for you!

A complete multiband Tuna-PaLooza Tuna Tin station at a bargin of a price!
Here is what you get:

1 Beaconator][ 40m tuna can transmitter with multiband capability
1 set 80m/30m/20m band modules for the Beaconator][
1 Sudden Storm][ 40m tuna can receiver with multiband capability
1 set 80m/30m/0m band modules for the Sudden Storm][
1 Tuna Power System multi-kit power system with intelligent SLA battery charger chip
1 Tuna Topper][+ 5 WATT Rf amplifier with multiband capability
1 set 80m/30m/20m band modules for the Tuna Topper][
1 Tuna Tunah switched inductor antenna tuner
1 Limerick Keyer/Paddles kit
2 sets of 80m/40m/30m/20m crystals: CBLA color burst, 3550, 3560, 7015, 7028, 7047.5, 7114, 7122, 10106, 10116, 14050, 14060
(the Beaconator][ & Sudden Storm kits contain 7030 & 7040 crystals)
1 BNC to RCA adapter for attaching the antenna to the Tuna Tunah
3 RCA to RCA coax cables for RF interconnects
2 RCA to RCA cables for power interconnect
1 bare lead power cable for the Tuna Topper Amplifier (requires heavier cable to reduce voltage drop)

You get everything you need to build a 4 band crystal controlled station in tuna cans EXCEPT a power source. The Tuna Power System is an intelligent sealed lead/acid battery charger and power distribution point. You would need to add a reasonably sized SLA battery, up to 7AHr, and a wall mounted power supply of about 18volts to provide the charging current. Both items are usually found at a decent sized hamfest.

This collection of kits and accessories is worth over $400 not including the shipping!!
The SPECIAL Tuna-PaLooza price is $350.

Check out the descriptions of the individual kits on the Tuna Kits page.