Island Cutter Kit

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The Island Cutter kit contains a plethora of construction aids for building accessories to your Two Tinned Tunas or Tuna Tin 2 Transmitter using BOTH the Manhattan construction and Island Pad Cutter construction techniques. Sealed inside the can are all the same pieces in a Manhattan Chowder kit: miscellaneous pieces of .031 inch thick pcb material, ( .031 inch cuts easily using dikes or snips ), a smattering of MeSquares (1/4 inch Manhattan construction squares) and MePads (DIP and SOIC pattern boards for easily mounting ICs.

The primary extra 'ingredient' of the Island Cutter kit (over the Manhattan Chowder kit) is the addition of a 6.5mm diamond coated core drill with Dremel compatible shank. This bit was introduced to the QRP community many years ago by the NJ QRP Club. Mount the bit into a Dremel in a drill press attachment or a small benchtop drill press and you can make 'instant' island style pads in pcb stock.

A larger piece of .062 inch double sided printed circuit board material and a double sided round circuit board routed to fit on top of the can are also included.

  • NJ Pad Cutter
  • K7QO Manhattan