Texas Topper

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The TEXAS Topper and TUNA Topper kits will boost your 40m QRP or QRPp signal to a full 5 watts.

The Texas Topper kit features an the round tuna tin sized board that can easily be turned into an Altoids/Rockmite sized rectangular board. All PCB mounted parts are included: transistors, capacitors, resistors, toroids and magnet wire. The Texas Topper kit DOES NOT INCLUDE A TUNA CAN OR BC-1 ENCLOSURE (as pictured) like the Tuna Topper. Build the TEXAS Topper in the enclosure of your choice.

The Topper documentation is under a little flux right now. The Topper Manual V2a+ should have all the info you need to build the kit. If you should have any questions, post them on the QRPme_Kits list and they should be answered in very short order.

  • TunaTopper][+Manual v5
  • QRPme LPF Chart pg1