STIX MePads & MeSquares panel

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Picture of STIX MePads & MeSquares panel

The STIX panel is the latest Manhattan style construction panel from QRPme. I've had many requests for smaller squares for building QRP projects Manhattan style.

The STIX panel has 88 smaller squares each .15"x.15" along with two SOIC MePads. STIX's BIG brother, MeSquares, has square pads .25"x.25". All the pads and squares are scored so that you can easily separate the pieces using a pair of needle nosed pliers. These new squares were designed for those builders trying to get more circuit in less space...

Here is a link to AA7EE's great project using MePads & MeSquares

Here is a link to another of AA7EE's great projects using MePads & MeSquares

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