QRPme & W1REX bring you good stuff!

QRPme is NOT a club or big time organization! It is THE part time business of 1 guy, Rex Harper, W1REX. All the kits offered on this website are designed, kitted, updated, packed and shipped by 1 guy... ME! At times personal commitments take precedence over kitting & shipping kits so shipping times may vary. QRPme has one of the widest ranges of kits for the QRP community and we strive to ship kits within 2 or 3 weeks from receiving your order. Sometimes it can be 5 minutes and other times 5 weeks. It depends sometimes on what (and when) you order.I don't have time to update ordering status (as a rule) so sometimes orders come in and I don't have either the boards or parts. Parts are usually pretty easy to get! Sometimes they are impossible to get! After the Japan tsunami, certain relays were impossible to find! Boards are more predictable but the cash reserves to order a batch of 100 boards (when only 1 is needed) are not! If you have questions about the shipping time ( or delay ) for a particular kit or an order that you placed, please contact me, Rex Harper, W1REX, at w1rex@QRPme.com.

Looking for a great place to ask questions and get the latest on QRPme Kits?
We now have a Groups.io set up called QRPmeKits. Remember to use your real name and call when signing up!