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Lobstercon2023! campground reservations have now been confirmed! We will be gathering at Thomas Point Beach & Campground on the weekend of July 7, 8, & 9 2023.......... The 2023 event will be the 24th year that W1REX has hosted the QRP event at TPB&C! I have already reserved the group campsite for the 2023 event and set the dates....so you have plenty of time to still plan your weekend getaway to Maine!! I plan on coming up with a few special activities to make our awakening event from this pandemic very special and an event that you will not want to miss! If you have often thought about coming to Lobstercon but never got a round tuit, you have better make this one.....

New Englands premiere QRP gathering � a weekend of QRP camping, BBQ eating, operating, socializing, lobster eating, prize winning, all round great QRP time. A $50.00 registration fee gets you wake-up coffee, juice, cereal, bagels and donuts ( if you wake up early enough) and 2 GIANT meals on Saturday: a BBQ lunch and FRESH Maine lobster dinner. Lobstercon lobsters are fresh out of the ocean for less than an hour before they go into the pot. YOU CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! Pictures of all the fun had by Lobsterconners at previous years events can be found at http://www.newenglandqrp.org

Where: Thomas Point Beach & Campground, Brunswick Maine

When: July 7, 8, & 9, 2023

- Lobstercon2023! Registration List -
Callsign Name Arrival Date
Keith "Sternman" Legge 06July
NT1R Bill “THE Lobster MAN” Legge 08July
N1SH Stephen Houser 07July
Heather Bickford 07July
Tim "Have Spatula Will Travel" Goodwin 06July
Adam "Have Smoker Will Travel" Goodwin 06July
N1VWD Brad “MR. Early Bird” McKirryher 01July
N1YSB Judy “MRS. Early Bird” McKirryher 01July
WA1CFX Howard “NO Sauce” Mintz ??July
Rae Mintz ??July

W1REX Rex “The Lunatic” Harper 06July
KD1NA Dave “3 Keys!” Robertson 06July
Brent Robertson 07July
Tagh Robertson 07July
W1YTT Patrick Morrison ??July
K1BG Bruce Blaine ??July
KC1FB Jim Francoeur ??July
-- Claudia Francoeur ??July
N1KRB Randall Bashta 08July
W1ZTL Len Long 08July

NM0S David “Mr. President” Cripe 05July
KF0JFX Sara Cripe 05July
K1LGQ Dennis “The Professor” Marandos ??July
K1AVM Jean “Lady Gaga” Camerer ??July
WA1SFH Doug Sharafanowich ??July
+1 ??July
KD0FNR Hamilton Carter 07July
Hamie Carter 07July
Sam Carter 07July
Diana Carter 07July

K1SWL Dave Benson 07July
KK1X John “Mr. Vacation” Griswold 07July
KC1EIU Peggy “Mrs. Vacation” Griswold 07July
VE3NFK John Turgoose 07July
VE3XOC Grete Turgoose 07July
K1LO Larry "Not so come lately...lately" Olsen 07July
Kathy Conley 07July
AB1AV Bill Noyce 06July
WA1ZCQ Carl “MR. Tradition” Achin ??July
KE1LY David Koh 07July

N1JI Jock Irvine 08July
Dee Irvine 08July
Jillian Irvine 08July
Frank Irvine 08July
N1RX Bruce "Starman" Beford 07July
KA1OLE Jeff Wood 06July
Amy Wood 06July
Erin Wood 06July
Matt Willoughby 06July
Evans Maynard 06July

KA1YBS Tim DApice 06July
Jeffrey 06July
N1IRO Bill McGrath ??July
+1 ??July
KD1JV Steve Weber ??July
KD1JV John Tarbox ??July
+1` ??July
KD1JV Steve Weber ??July
KC1RLQ Eric Barbou 07July
KB1VP Don Price 06July

KC2TXO Eric Gunter 06July
VE3OOI Dave Rajnauth 06July
AC1AS Nate van den Berg 08July
Adria van der Berg 08July
Blix van der Berg 08July
Leif van der Berg 08July
K1EP Ed Parish 07July
K1TES Cy "Uncly Cy" Currier 03July
N1TES Sally "Aunt Sally" Currier 03July
KB1WAL Mike Kotarba 07July

AF1T Dale Clement 08July
W1MKY Mickie Clement 08July
72 so far

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