W1REX/QRPme Buildathon kits:

FDIM 2020 Acorn Tube 2 Buildathon kit. FDIM2020 Buildathon kit: Acorn Tube 2 transmitter!
AT2 Laser cut cigar box enclosure. Laser cut Acorn Tube 2 cigar box enclosure!
WWV Receiver. 2019 Duke City Hamfest: WWV Receiver!
O'SCOPE FUN. 2019 FDIM: Pocket oscilloscope learning board!
Directional Power Meter. 2018 Duke City Hamfest / NEQRP Boxboro/ FDIM: QRPme's version of W7EL's classic directional wattmeter!
NoS Test Equipment. 2018 Duke City Hamfest: QRPme's NoS (NO Solder) 4 piece test equipment set!
Boy Scout LED Sender. 2018 Limerick BSA Troop 329 100th Anniversary Night Sender Key!
FUN KEYER. 2018 AAROW Bus Buildathon: QRPme's NoS Keyer kit w/ onboard Games!
Crystal grinding!. 2017 FDIM: X-CHECKer Crystal grinding oscillator & frequency counter!
UK's Biggest Buildathon. 2016 GQRP convention: NoS RF Probe kit!
Maker Key. 2016 NYC Maker Faire: Night Sender Key for kids!
World's BIggest Buildathon. 2016 FDIM & NEQRP @ Boxboro: Hamfest Buddy ][ Nos 20m Transmitter!
Keyer/Paddles. 2016 FDIM & 2015 NEQRP @ Boxboro: Limerick Construcrion style integrated Keyer & Paddles!
4pc Test Equipment. 2015 FDIM: QRPme's 4 piece test equipment set!!
Manhattan Sender Key. 2014 NYC Maker Faire: Manhattan construction Night Sender Key for kids!
Hamfest Stick. 2014 FDIM: A pocket friendly Morse Code Ider!
35th Anniversary TT2. 2013 Monte Sano QRP Gathering: 35th (now 40th) Anniversary TT2 & MOJO party!
Beaconator. 2013 FDIM: 30m Beacon Transmitter w/ 'penned' crystal!
CA Bling. 2011 NORCAL @ Pacificon: Brake Pedal controller Morse IDer!
49er. 2011 NORCAL @ Pacificon: IR remote controlled relays!
Picaxe Playset. 2011 NORCAL @ Pacificon: Picaxe development system in a mint tin!
LITTLE tuna can transceiver. 2011 FDIM: Lil'Squall transceiver - a tinkerer's delight!
Crystal Checker. 2011 FDIM: The Great 2011 Build-Along!