Kid's Kit#1. A NO-solder Morse Code practice key!
Night Sender Key. Send code at night using a SUPER bright LED!
'Maker Sender' The Maker Faire Maker Sender LED Key
'Maker Sender 6-Pack' 6 PACK of Maker Sender Keys
'Maker Sender 12-Pack' 12 PACK of Maker Sender Keys
RF Probe. A useful RF Probe for troubleshooting!.
Matchless Dummy Load. QRPp Dummy load kit in a box of matches!
Matchless OPerator's LED light. Tiny operator' lamp with dual LEDs.
Matchless Power ON Indicator. Add-on Power ON indicator LED.!.
Matchless IC Proto Board. Tiny 2 IC experimenter's solder perfboard!
Matchless Audio Oscillator. A nifty side tone audio oscillator!
FDIM Crystal Checker. FDIM2011 Build-Along kit: Crystal Checker!
Broadcast Interference Filter. Build a simple BCI filter...Manhattan style!.